Friday, 5 July 2013

SwiftKey Keyboard Free Download

SwiftKey Keyboard v4.1.3.149

Today I am going to share another very useful SwiftKey Keyboard app that is worth $4.51 but here you can get it free of cost. This best selling keyboard on Android.


#1 selling app in 57 countries, over 150,000 ✮✮✮✮✮ reviews
“Shockingly accurate, making for a creepy-fast typing experience.” - TIME Magazine

- SwiftKey replaces your phone’s keyboard with one that understands you.
- It predicts your next word before you’ve even pressed a key.
- It provides the world’s most accurate autocorrect in 60 languages.
SwiftKey makes touchscreen typing faster, easier and more personalized no matter what app you’re typing in!
- SwiftKey learns as you type, adapting to you and your way of writing.
- Train SwiftKey on your message archives from Gmail, Facebook and Twitter, or your blog.
- SwiftKey doesn’t just learn your popular words, it learns how you use them together.
- Switch between tapping and gesture-typing with SwiftKey Flow.
- Flow combines the mind-reading capabilities of SwiftKey with the speed and ease of gliding your fingers across the screen.
- Flow gives word predictions in real-time as you gesture.
- Type entire sentences without lifting your finger from the screen, simply by sliding to the space bar between words -- what we call ‘Flow through Space’.
- SwiftKey supports contextual prediction in 60 languages and counting.
- Enable up to three languages at once.
- Naturally combine languages without having to change a setting.
See for full list of supported languages.
What's in this version:
New in 4.1.3
Improved stability
New in 4.1.2
Additional fixes for Samsung email application
Bugs fixed in 4.1.1:
Cursor jumping around in the native Samsung email application, causing words to be inserted in odd places
Google Hangouts showing a non-functional “execute” button in landscape mode
Crashing when Personalization fails
Crashing when using the Pitch theme on devices running Android 2.1
Note: You can directly download and install from your android device.

Download free apk

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