Friday, 27 September 2013

Charge your iPhone using the Palm of your Hand

The case that generates electricity when squeezed
  • Mipwr cases connect to battery charging points on the iPhone 4, 4S and 5
  • It contains a lever that when squeezed, produces an electrical charge
  • This electricity is created by electromagnetic conduction inside the case
  • Squeezing the lever for a minute produces around 30 seconds of charge
  • Cases are expected to cost $25 (£15.50) if the firm secures enough funding

Forget wireless chargers, the latest way to extend the battery life of your phone is in the palm of your hand.
Mipwr Dynamo cases slide onto an iPhone's battery charging point and either store energy that can be used as a backup - adding two hours of extra charge - or contains a hidden lever that can be squeezed by hand to generate electricity.
Its Illinois-based inventors claim squeezing the lever produces electricity by electromagnetic conduction inside the case, and a minute of squeezing gives an extra 30 seconds of charge.

They explained: 'After witnessing the aftermath of power outages from recent natural disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy and the cruise ship disasters, we thought about taking an existing technology (electromagnetic induction), and making it small enough to fit in the back of a cell phone case.
'We thought, 'how cool would it be to have an alternative energy source, besides a backup battery, that could power a mobile device, so users could send out a message or phone call when they need to most?'
Mipwr Dynamo is an all-in-one protective case, backup battery, and hybrid charger.
The case contains a 400 mA battery and a concealed push lever that, when pumped, generates electricity, and charges the internal battery.
The electricity created by squeezing the lever is produced by electromagnetic conduction.
The top of the case comes off and the iPhone slides into the bottom and connects to the phone's battery charging point. A battery inside the case can be charged by plugging it into the mains. via

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