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World’s top ten expensive streets

I wish i could live here-World’s top ten expensive streets

NEW YORK: Some places are considered ‘chocolate’ places for the people having their pockets filled. By having a little place there they could meet the reality of their luxurious dreams.

This not only benefits the businessmen carrying out business activities there but also provides the customers with high quality lifestyles up to their standers regardless of their sky scraping expenditures.

World’s top ten expensive streets includes Causeway Bay of Hongkong as the lavish most street of the globe.

Causeway Bay of Hong Kong is not only considered as a heaven containing every luxurious item with its attractive retail allure but also rated as a standard for luxurious life.

Very few fortunate people are the having the ownership of apartments and shops in the Causeway because of its sky high prices.

Although for normal customers, its mere a spot for window shopping, however the genuine customers could find the reality of their dreams in ‘Causeway Bay’.

The luxurious standard of the Bay could be analyzed by its high rents that stand around $2,630 per square foot.

It’s again Hong Kong with ‘Severn RoadSevern Road,Hong Kong’, the second most expensive street around the world; Severn Road is one for the high society-type.

Renowned ‘Severn Road’ is considered heaven for those who are performing their business activities there.

Financial News once made comments saying that “Severn Road is the priciest street on the planet, thanks to its grandeur mansions and luxe apartments.”

Its price ticket is upwards of $78,000 (approx. $8,700 USD) per square foot.

It would be unfair to avoid discussing ‘Avenue des Champs Elysées’ of Paris, while talking about the world’s expensive streets.

From luxury hotels to retail, Avenue des Champs Elysées is a coveted and rich block, commonly visited by travelers who are attracted to its glitzy and glamorous look.

Tokyo, the world’s costliest city in connection with property rates is not much far behind when it comes to the most expensive streets of the world with ‘Omotesando’ occupying the fourth slot.

Tokyo’s property and retail value continues to rise with Omotesando being one of the main attractions for those dazzled by high-end fashion brands.

Although the area does not compare to Hong Kong’s superiority, Omotesando is emerging as a trendy spot to live and work with property value running in at just under $1,000 per square foot.

New York’s Fifth Avenue also called ‘Manhattan gem’ continues to be one of the most sought after retail destinations on the planet with residential space catered to the rich and richer.

To give a little insight, if you’re wanting to locate to 5th Avenue alongside other top retailers like Tiffany’s, Prada and Gucci, expect to drop close to $7,500 bucks per square metre.

When it comes to New York, how London could stay behind.

The ‘Kensington Palace Garden Street’ in London is fit for an English king and queen, as its too expensive.

The Kensington Palace Garden Street is a highly exclusive area with average residential living being over $7,000 per square foot.

If you’re looking to brush elbows with the elite, make sure you know what’s going to come out of your cheque-book.

Times Square of New York, that remains an attractive place for the various film directors, is definitely one of the most recognized shopping and tourist attractions in the world with a bevy of street side vendors also making their own profit off the area.The average cost per square metre is over $2,500 – pocket change right?

 Avenue Princesse Grace in Monaco, also managed a its place among the top rankings of world’s costliest places. ‘Avenue Princesse Grace’ was named after actress Grace Kelly.

It’s hotspot for the elites of Monoco and a common man even cannot bear to hold a dream of living here. The average cost per square foot in this area ranges between $17,000 – $20,000. The name seems quite fitting with that level of coin involved.

French Quai Antole in Paris is rated as a most VIP place in Paris after‘Avenue des Champs Elysées.’ Its rated as most expensive road in Paris.

Quai Anatole has property value that continues to sky rocket with some of the premium apartments averaging over $4,000 per square metre.

Those wishing to occupy residential space in ‘Carolwood Dr., Beverly Hills,’ in US state of Los Angeles will need to fork out approximately $2,803 per square foot. Most of big and luxurious homes always attract the visitors here giving them dreams of luxurious life. Some of the house even contains seven bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. This mansion was sold for $18,050,000 with an estimated mortgage of $65,000 a month.

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