Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Angry Birds new levels, new ways

Angry Birds released an updated, adding new levels "Red's Mighty Feathers", played the past Angry Birds also more varied.
In the past, the green pigs are fixed in its "fortress" inside, and each level has different types / combinations of Angry Birds can be applied.

Green piggy into the attack and "Red's Mighty Feathers" play a bit different, green pig will fly its machines to snatch eggs. Players will have unlimited "Red's Mighty Feathers" can be used, the same is to use Sam righteous catapult attack. Players to resist pig into the attack and protect eggs.
Linear attack Red's Mighty Feathers attack mode somewhat characteristic ejected, there will be an arrow pointing to the target of the pig. When the arrow angle can press the screen when appropriate, Angry Birds will be a straight line attack.

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